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Hi, I'm Brook and I'm a Stay at Home Mama!

I am a wife to one handsome hubby and I have two sweet boys who were born 1 year and 1 week a part. I'm over here staying up way too late sharing my stories, lessons learned, successes, and my failures. What I really hope to do here on Stay Home Mama, is to make you laugh and let you know you're not alone on this unpredictable, crazy journey of Motherhood.

I have been featured on Scary Mommy, MSN Living. Babble, and more.

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  1. Thanks for your list on Scary Mommy, Brooke! You are doing a great job, and as an older SAHM (all 3 of us left), I can tell you that what you're doing matters. I suspected it when my girls were the ages of your kiddos, but now that I am living in t(w)een land, I can tell you: it REALLY matters. It makes a difference. A good difference, I promise.


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