Things I Have Learned About Coffee Since Having Babies

1. It is now a necessity.

2. It is still good after being reheated 7 times.

3. An experienced Mom always wears clothes that will go well with both spit up and coffee stains.

4. It is a good reason to sit down and get a break for a few minutes. "Don't come over here baby, Mama has HOT coffee."

5. It is a great excuse to buckle the kids in the carseat and get out of the house in the morning. "Who wants to go for a drive to the coffee shop?! (and then maybe just stay in the car until nap time!)"

6. I always know which coffee shops have specials for any given hour of the day. "It's 11 o'clock? Human Bean has $2 drinks for one more hour, hurry kids, grab your coats!"

7. Coffee motivates me to get out of bed in the morning, and I definitely need help with that.

8. I also can use it as a reward. Ex: For every load of laundry I fold, I get to sit and drink one cup of joe.

9. It needs its own column in our monthly budget.

10. It is a great way to get other moms to hang out with me, “Want to come over? I have coffee!”

11. With each sip, I am taken away to my quiet place.

12. It is the one thing that is all mine, I do not feel the need to share my coffee with my little ones.

13. Coffee syrup and creamer calories don’t count. (Okay, file this one under: Lies I tell Myself.)

14. Going to the coffee shop is the best way to get adult interaction, they are paid to be nice to you and they have to pretend to be interested when you tell them every detail of your day.

15. It fills me up. I rarely remember to feed myself before nap time, but I never forget my coffee. As long as I add a little milk, I’m totally good to go without shaking or passing out until at least noon. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July! Remember these coffee facts in the morning, after the fireworks have kept you up all night! 



  1. Just found your blog and am in love! Couldn't agree with this list more! Especially #5! I always consider a trip to Dunkin Donuts an actual "outing" for them ;-)

    1. Thanks so much! Our version of an "outing" over here is Safeway, they give free cookies to the kids and they have a Starbucks inside! I am so glad you found my blog! WELCOME! I hope you stay awhile. :)

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