Why I Love Being a SAHM

I am a stay-at-home mom and I have been in a rut lately. It seems all I can do is sit around and dwell on the negative; I either feel bored, stressed or under-appreciated, but today I had to slap myself,  I want to stay home with my kids and I would be heartbroken if I wasn't able to. Many people aren't afforded this luxury and I don't want to take it for granted, so in an effort to bring some positivity into my life, here are the top 10 reasons I love being a SAHM.

1. I don't miss out on anything.
Their first words, their first steps, their first time going in the potty (he will go in the potty every time he needs to eventually, right?), their first time telling me "No!", their first time spreading their poop on the walls, well...you get the idea.

2. I can stay in my pajamas all day.
As I write this, one of my kids is mad at me because I won't let him build a tower out of our dining room chairs. I just got done scrubbing poop out of the carpet and I'm on my 4th cup of coffee because my kids woke up 7 times last night, BUT I'm wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt, so at least I am comfy!

3. I can run all my errands during the day.
It's not always easy lugging my small children with me, fighting with them over sitting in the cart and constantly reminding them not to pee in their Lightning McQueen underwear. However, I feel super accomplished after one of these trips and I am always so glad to have it all done by nap time.

4. I can get all the housework done during the day.
Well, I try anyway. Some days I really do get stuff done, but most days I just give up, turn the lights off and pretend it's clean. Eating dinner by candlelight is fun, right?

5. I can take naps with my kids.
Oh my gosh, this is the best part about being a SAHM, and possibly why I don't actually get any housework done.

6. I can make home cooked, nutritious meals for my family.
Or I at least have the option. See numbers 4 & 5.

7. I don't have to work for anyone else (besides my kids).
I get to be the boss, I set the schedule and make the rules. Although my kids are demanding and I constantly wonder if I'm doing right by them, they are super quick to forgive and they really, really love me. Also, my co-worker is hot.

8. Life is short and it goes by so fast.
Despite most days going by so freaking slow, there is a weird time warp thing that makes the years go by unbelievably fast (totally scientific). Sleeping time goes by fast too, that lasts about 10 seconds. Point is, I can't get this time back, so until someone invents a way to pause time whenever I feel like it, I want to soak up as much as I can.

9. I can do what I want, when I want (as long as my kids are with me).
We can walk through Target, we can go for a drive to get a latte, we can visit friends and family, I can work on my blog or start a DIY project, I can even sometimes sneak in a TV show during the day. I can cuddle with my kids, play games and do puzzles. We can watch movies and have a lazy day, or go outside and play; there are so many options, I just have to take advantage of them.

10. It is fulfilling. 
This is what I have always wanted, being a SAHM has always been my dream; I honestly never imagined anything different. I really do want my days to be loud, chaotic, messy and beautiful. I truly feel like I'm exactly where I am supposed to be. It may seem crazy to some people, and that is okay, it isn't for everyone, but I am thankful and blessed with this life and I pray it never has to change! (Seriously, someone invent that time-altering remote!)

Disclaimer: I am in absolute awe of working parents, I think you are amazing and I don't know how you do it all!



  1. My oldest is finishing up her freshman year of high school---It's amazing to me when I think about the fact that I've been home with my kids for almost 15 years. I feel so lucky. You write about the earlier stages that I remember so well, and there is such gratitude and appreciation for even the hard parts in your voice---what a blessing for all of you that you get to experience this together, all day. <3

  2. Thanks for the reminder 😊. You are a good mama.

  3. This is so awesome to read...it's like reading my own journal that I didn't actually write. Love being a SAHM with all the good, bad, and the ugly....but mostly good :)


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