Things Dads Say...And What They Really Mean

Since I have already made a list like this for moms, and seeing that Father's Day is coming up soon (move on over, moms, it's all about dads and grads now), I thought I would write one for the dads. With a little help from my husband, I came up with a list of things dads say...and what they really mean.

1. "Let's not bother putting on pants."

We aren't going anywhere today.

2. "Who wants Mac 'n Cheese?"
That is quick and easy!

3. "Batman can't fight crime with a dirty mouth." 
Open your freaking mouth so I can brush your teeth. 

4. "If you want to grow big and strong like the Hulk, you've got to eat your broccoli."
 I wonder if I can get him to eat mine too. 

5. "We are only going to play video games for a little while."
We will play until Mama makes us turn them off.

6. "Who wants to watch cartoons?"
Daddy is going to doze on the couch. 

7. "Okay, let's clean up as fast as we can!"
Mama is on her way home.

8. "Let's go play catch."
If you're gonna go pro, we need to start practicing early. 

9. "You want me to put you down so we can race?" 
You're getting heavy and I am tired of carrying you. 

10. "Ask your Mom."
I don't want to make this decision.

11. "Let's do the dishes and get Mommy some flowers!" 
The kids are going to bed early tonight. 

12. "Are you having fun, Buddy?"
I love spending time with you, being your dad is awesome.

13. "Should we take a picture?"

I'm really going to miss this someday.

14. "Let's go visit Grandpa."

I owe my dad a thank you.

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