No Frump Friday -- blog remodel edition! (It's Sunday, I'm gonna have to work on a better name, or learn to read a calendar.)

Sorry if you stopped by earlier and everything was a disater...I was doing some blog remodeling. It was totally on purpose, except not at all, because when I went to change one thing I accidentally erased all of my HTML codes!! You guys, to be honest, I have no idea what I am doing, so my blog and I will hopefully probably continue to evolve until I figure it all out...and I bet right when I do, everything on the internet will change and I'll have to learn it all over again! (Wow, I sound old.) There are still a few things that I need to fix and it will always be a work in progress, but what do you think? Everything should be a little easier to navigate now and I think it looks prettier. I spent alllll dayyyyy working on it, which wasn't my intention. I planned to spend most of the day writing, so now all you get is this lousy post explaining why I don't have any new posts. Oh, I have also been pretty darn sick and now my kids are too, so let's add that to my list of excuses, okay?

Well, I better actually get to the matter at hand. Without further adieu, here is my No Frump Friday tip for the week:
Do not set your yoga pants on top of a burning candle (DO thank God that you didn't burn the house down) and whatever you do, do not wear said yoga pants -with giant burned hole in the butt- to the place of your husband's employment. This will not help you feel like a hot Mom. 
I am just saying if this happened to someone, it would be more than a little frumpy.

I'll be back soon with a legit post. Let me know what you think of my blog makeover!

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