No Frump Fridays! (On a Monday?)

In theory, it seems that as a SAHM, I should have more time to get ready each day, to put on some makeup, fix my hair, get dressed in something besides yoga pants etc. I have a friend who lives in the same apartment complex as us, she has a baby and a toddler to get ready every morning. She has lunches to pack, bottles to wash, diapers to change etc. etc. etc., but yet she is always super cute and put together for the work day, if she can do that, what is my excuse?! Honestly, I think my main problem is that it isn't very motivating to get ready with no place to go, but every day I look in the mirror and feel like a frumpy, stain covered, last-night's-yoga-pants-wearing Mom. I would really like to change this, not just for myself but because I think my husband and kids deserve to live with someone that doesn't look like she just stepped out of a "People of Walmart" video.
I have been watching a lot of beauty YouTube videos lately and really feeling inspired to be a little less frump Mom and a little bit more hot Mom.
My new favorite routine (ok, so I have done it three times so far, probably not quite considered my "routine" yet), is showering at night and fixing my hair after everyone else is in bed. I watch half of a show while my hair partially air dries, then I blow dry it as straight as possible, and then I sit on the floor in the living room and run the straightener through it really quick while I finish my show. For obvious reasons, this takes me so much less time than when my little ones are awake, it doesn't cut into time with my hubby and it doesn't feel like much work because I watch TV while I do it. I'm always much more motivated at night, too. For some reason, it's also a little bit easier to get up in the morning knowing all I have to do is brush my hair and wash my face and I will already be a step above most other days in the looks department.
I am thinking of starting 'No Frump Fridays' or something like that (the title needs some work, especially since today is Monday). It really isn't that hard to do just a few things to make myself feel better each day, I have made some goals to help me do that and I'll be sharing them with you over the next few weeks! What are some things you do to help you look and feel your best-ish? Do you have any beauty tips for me and my readers? What is a really awesome YouTube channel or blog to follow with quick beauty stuff for busy Moms? I'm really excited for this new series and also for this Mama to start looking and feeling a little better each day.


  1. I've been thinking a lot about this lately. I do some freelance work and a few weeks ago had a major panic when they suggested doing a video conference. Thankfully it was one of the very few days I was looking presentable but it got me thinking that I deserve to look presentable every day. :)


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