It goes by so fast...

We have all heard the cliche, "Don't blink or the next thing you know your kids will be grown up and having kids of their own..."
Seriously, if we Moms got a nickel for every time someone told us "It goes by so fast" we would have our kids' college funds saved before they turned 5. Actually by the time they became adults, we could have so many nickels that they could just skip college and go straight into retirement on some sandy beach somewhere. (Although, who are we kidding, we would be the ones one the beach.)

Let's be honest here, on a super hard day when all we want to do is go cry (or sleep) in a corner, we have all wanted to just hand our kids off to those well meaning people who tell us how fast it all goes by.  We mutter under our breath,
"You take them for a little while, let's see how "fast" your day goes by."
The days just crawl by, some days I swear it has to be almost bedtime, then I look at the clock and realize we have only been up for an hour.

The days are long.

But you guys, my first baby just turned 3. How is that possible? How can the days be going by so incredibly slow that they feel like years, but yet when another year goes by it doesn't feel like it could have possibly been that long since their last birthday? How can my little 7lb. 12 oz. baby now walk and talk, carry a gallon of milk, turn over his bed and push it to the window so he can see out of it, kill spiders for me and warn his brother when something is "Too dangerous"?

What happened?

The clothes he could wear at the beginning of the summer no longer fit, he is almost as tall as his toddler bed, he can carry on conversations with me and uses complete sentences (when he feels like it). That baby who had a hard time understanding the concept of laying down and going to sleep at night, now puts himself to bed and stays there until the sun comes up without any protest. He laughs at just the right time when things are funny and he can tell me when he is sad, scared or hurt; he remembers what we did yesterday and asks about what we will do tomorrow. He is turning into a little boy and less of a toddler.

It goes by so fast.

When the well meaning people tell you that it goes by so fast, maybe they are really asking themselves where the time went. In seeing you scramble, sweat and cry in frustration, perhaps they have a tinge of jealousy because they miss being needed, clung to and loved with the kind of squishy, sticky, heartbreaking love that only a toddler can give. For them it is over, it didn't just go by fast, it flew by and now that time is gone.

Just as we cannot make time go by faster on those days where we wish we could just climb back into bed, we cannot slow it down either. I have always dreamed of becoming a mother, it's hard to believe that I have been one for 3 years already. Every year of experience I gain, is another one I lose. It is true, it really does go by so fast.

However, when my son is running away from me in the parking lot, causing me to spill my iced pumpkin latte as I freak out trying to stop him before he runs in front of a car, I just don't want to hear any variation of the words "It goes by so fast". I may know it is true, but at that moment, time going by fast sounds awesome. I'll trade one blink for 5 years please.

I don't know how to make myself enjoy all the moments, I can't slow down the good times or speed up the terrible ones, but maybe I can remind myself of this: One day it will all be over and I will be saying to someone else (even though I swear I will never actually say this, I'm sure that I won't be able to help it as the words will ring so inevitably true), "It goes by so fast."

So on the days that I am knee deep in poo, vomit, or Legos (or all three), I can tell myself that it won't last forever and on the days when I am up to my ears in giggles, cuddles and sticky hugs, I will savor it as I hear the words play over and over in my mind, it goes by so fast.

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  1. Because I lived it several years ago, I can say "it goes by so fast". But here I am doing it all over again and I am thinking the same thoughts as you. I guess it's human nature. Looking back at the past is easy but living in the present (without losing your mind) is sometimes harder than working on a chaingang busting rocks on a South Georgia July day! Raising kids ain't for sissies! Love love your writings!!


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