Who's Your Daddy?

Dads are like hardcore superheroes. Each with different abilities, nemesis and challenges. There are a lot of really amazing, hard working, committed dads out there and all are so much more important than the world gives them credit for. There is an extraordinary amount a dad brings to the table that no one else can. Let's face it, us moms don't always acknowledge all the work it takes to be the man of the house, the husband and the daddy. We know that our job is really hard, and it is, but a Father's job is hard too. They can be overwhelmed just like we are and are under a lot of pressure to protect and take care of their family. These days, many are so focused on "empowering women" that we forget about the vital part men play in the lives of our families and all that they do for us (they have to deal with us and all our hormonal craziness before, during and after pregnancy for goodness sake, that alone is hard work!). We are not more important than they are, in fact, I dare say it: we need them. Well Fathers, those of you who have children who are all grown up and those who are currently in the thick of it with poopy diapers, tantrums, homework, sports etc. this post is for you, you are superheroes!

So, who's your Daddy? 
Let me tell you a little about the hero that I know, the Super Dad.
Maybe he can't fly, but the Super Dad sure can pick up a little boy and glide him through the air. Maybe he is not actually invincible, but in the eyes of his kids he can survive anything.
He is strong enough to carry you for miles in the snow when you lose your shoes, fast enough to get you in the warm car with your feet over the heater vent before you get frost bite on your toes, and sweet and clever enough to go back a few months later, after the snow has melted, to find your shoes that had once been buried under the snow. 
Like any real superhero, Super Dad wears many different "disguises". He is a career man, a father, a husband, a chauffeur, a tutor, a coach, a cheerleader and a friend. He is always on the sidelines, ready to jump in at any minute, able to be whichever hero you need at the time--and he is never late. Like when you're just a little girl in a crowded gym, the whistle blows and the crawling race begins. Kids much bigger than you are trampling over each other to get to their appointed side, but you just sit there terrified as they all come towards you. Super Dad doesn't care that parents are supposed to stay off the gym floor, he puts on his cape and swoops in to save his little girl.
Super Dads are good at being invisible if the need arises. Like if you are supposed to sing on stage at a school recital but you are really scared, Super Dad will hide behind the piano where no one can see him, but you know he is there and you are not scared anymore.
Super Dads know how to do everything. He can help you reel in a catfish no matter how hard it pulls or fights back, he can fix your car when it breaks down, he can build a pond in your backyard and he can even figure out a way to fix your hair (and your pride) after it was butchered by a hairstylist, which was basically the worst thing that could happen during your freshman year in high school.
Super Dad leads by example. He teaches you to treat others how you would want to be treated, no matter how they treat you. He teaches you to respect authority and to use every experience as a chance to grow in your character. He reminds you to never compromise what you believe in for anyone or anything and to put your faith before everything else. He gives you many life tips that you will never forget, such as: Don't take any wooden nickles. A crow flies in square circles. There is too much beer in California. Always watch out for trains. Every time you get out of your car say the word "Keys" in your head and check to make sure you have them before locking and closing the door. Have a sense of urgency when people are waiting on you--you're on the tracks and a train is coming. Super Dad raises you in such a way that you desire to make him proud of you and strongly regret it when you disappoint him. He is quick to forgive, slow to get angry and always apologizes when he is in the wrong; he does not allow conflict to continue and sees to it that everyone reconciles after an argument.
Super Dad has fun with his little side kicks. He spends time with is children and makes them feel loved and important. When Super Dad hangs out with his kids, they know without a doubt that he is genuinely enjoying their time together.
Let's not forget what the Super Dad does for the mother of his children as well. He is tough enough to be there for her when she needs him, he is gentle enough to comfort her when she just needs to cry- even if she can't explain her tears, he is a good listener when he needs to be but can also choose not to hear harsh words or grumpiness when needed.
The final and most important thing the Super Dad does, is make you feel completely safe when you're with him. Whether you're his child or his spouse, you know he won't let anything bad happen to you and you can relax when you're in his care. The Super Dad takes care of his family at all costs and puts their needs above his own.

My daddy is a Super Dad, he was when I was a little girl and he still is now, he is also a Super Grandpa and a great example to all of us.

My husband is a super, incredible daddy hero as well, you might call him, "Mr. Incredi-dad."

So, who's your Daddy?

Happy Father's Day!

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