6 ways to go back to your 'New Love Days', if you really want to.

Remember the days when you were first dating your husband? The little butterflies you got when he sent you a text in the morning, or picked you up for a date, or posted something sweet about you on Facebook? Then there was the honeymoon stage after your wedding, you know where you were just floating on a pillow of love above the clouds, just happy as can be? Then came toilet seats left up, lights left on, dishes left in the sink, garbage not taken out, laundry not done, soda cans left laying around the living room, chewing too loudly, looking at each other the wrong way, a coffee addiction that breaks the bank and of course, a baby (or 2 or 3 or 4...). Things change, those love-dovey-floaty days seem like decades ago, and honestly I'm glad we came back down to earth, but sometimes, it would be nice to go back to those days. Here are some tips on how to stay in  visit the 'Newlywed days'.

1. Hold hands whenever you're together.
I know this is tricky now, I mean between changing diapers, chasing toddlers, potty training, getting up in the middle of the night to comfort after a bad dream, tripping over toys, etc. but if you are really committed to it, you can figure out a way to do all these things together, while still holding hands like you used to do. In fact, maybe just try handcuffing your wrists to each other, it could make a really good bonding exercise for sure, no way you could come out of that hating each other, am I right?

2. Send each other texts every 30 seconds and use lots of emojis.
Nothing lets your hubby know you're thinking of him like a little heart text, show you're flirting with a winky face and if you really want to up the ante, send him a happy face with hearts for the eyes! I know it might be hard to do stay glued to your phone all day with all the demands your children bring, but just turn on a movie, they will be fine.

3.Talk about each other constantly, to everyone you know.
Every one loves it when their friends can't stop gushing over their man, in fact, if you feel like you have started to lose friends lately, it probably isn't because you have to multitask them into your crazy mom schedule; it's really because they miss hearing you talk about nothing besides how in love you are. So for a little while, just resist the urge to talk about your kids to your friends, put away the baby photos and show them how handsome your hunk of a husband is and then gush to them about all the wonderful things he does for you, don't forget to exaggerate!

4. Post sweet things about him on Facebook.
Don't you remember the days when all you wrote about online was each other? (Maybe it was MySpace back then, but some things are better left in the past.) Make sure to include lots of emoticons in these as well, and as many complimenting adjectives as possible. I know you really want to post that funny thing your toddler said and a picture of him with food all over his face, but resist the urge.

5. Don't let him see you without make up on or your hair fixed.
I know it's hard to get a few free minutes to look at the mirror instead of focusing all your attention on your kids, but are they really hurting anything by climbing up into the sink or throwing random stuff into the bathtub? Is it really a big deal if they pour baby powder all over the floor or write on the walls with your lipstick? Looking good takes sacrifice. I guess if it's really too hard to get ready while your kids are awake, just get up before them, make sure you allow plenty of time in case the sound of your blow dryer wakes the kids up early...4am sound good?

6. Do NOT pee in front of each other.
Finally, just keep some things private. Keep the mystery alive at least a little bit and don't share the bathroom. Sure your hubby is in the shower, your kids just woke you up and you're doing the potty dance while simultaneously trying to change their diapers and get them breakfast, but just HOLD IT -or grab a diaper if you have to! This is the only time the hand holding is allowed to stop, by the way.

I hope this list helps you a little bit, if you're just really wanting to get back that before-kids-love-bubble you used to have, you may need to hire a full time nanny to make these things happen, but it's worth it right?!?
In reality, maybe just a weekly date night where you have real conversations about actual, important things and then watch a movie that you fall asleep during is more practical, but it's up to you.

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