....and who won today?

In the age of Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it feels like everyone is competing to be the 'best' at what they do, and then tell everyone all about it. Who does the most creative things with their kids, who spends the most time in the kitchen baking home made goods and cooking complicated meals, whose home is decorated the cutest, who makes the most DIY stuff, and it even goes further into whose kid is potty trained first, or sleeping through the night, or walking or talking, the list goes on and on. Today everything seems like a competition, no matter how hard we try, we all compare ourselves to each other, to other mom's, and wives, we even compare each other's kids. Now, I'm not going to lie, I do have my 'brag' moments from time to time, but I am a far cry from  Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker, or Mary Poppins, I can't be that many people at once, and I have stopped putting so much pressure on myself to try. I am lazy, I have to push myself to do things most people just do without a second thought, I mean, I dedicated a whole blog post to simple things that I have to force myself to do most days, and that included showering and getting dressed for goodness' sake! I think it is important to have a clean house, to make healthy dinners for your family, and to have a happy home, but what I think is the most important, is to be proud of what you do throughout the day, YOU be proud. Not your Pinterest followers, or Facebook friends, but YOU. I believe that I, personally, am the only one who knows if I have had a successful day or not, and when I have a day that I am proud of, it is also a day that is pleasing to the Lord, to my husband and to my kids. Only I know what my personal convictions are, only my husband and I know what we have agreed upon as being acceptable and measurable. Only we know what our goals are, and what roles him and I play in our family and home life. At the end of the day, only I am able to determine if I 'won' the day or not
Clearly, no one has a perfect day, no one is perfect and we all fall short, but one can have a day that they feel good about and can go to bed feeling proud of. If I go to bed knowing that I chose to be joyful, wasn't lazy, loved my kids and my husband, and put God and my family above myself, then I can take pride in that day. There can be days that I get up early, go grocery shopping with my coupons, bring home loads of food that I barely paid anything for, scrub the house from top to bottom, do every stitch of laundry, bake enough to last us the whole week, cook a well balanced and beautiful dinner, and have both boys bathed and sound asleep by 7:30, but if I had a rotten attitude or didn't show love to my kids or husband, then I go to bed knowing I totally 'lost' that day. Comparably, I can have a day that I spend on the floor with my kids playing, laughing and teaching, as well as spend quality time with my husband, but we eat pizza for dinner and I have to throw a load of laundry in the wash before we go to bed just so we have clean underwear in the morning. If I end that night, knowing that I wasn't lazy, that I chose joy, invested in relationships and put others before myself, then I can be happy about that day. If I spend the day working on one problem with my toddler, such as him throwing fits or continuously disobeying, and nothing seems to work and it feels so discouraging, I can honestly still be satisfied with that day, as long as I did it in love and with the conviction that I did what I thought was best, even if it didn't have the success I wanted. So the next time someone posts on Facebook all that they have accomplished in the day, and you're still in your pajamas and making boxed mac'n cheese for dinner, remind yourself that only you and God know if you had a successful day today, and even if today wasn't the best, always decide before you close your eyes, tomorrow will be better! Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go get the muffins out of the oven, Betty Crocker so kindly made them for me...all I had to do was add water. ;)

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  1. Great thoughts, Brook. I love the quote, "Comparison is the of joy."


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