DIY magnetic bobby pin holder

Bobby Pins. Who needs 'em? Am I right? They end up all over your house, the kids put them in their mouths, they rust in the shower, your husband gets mad, let's get rid of them all!! No more bobby pins!  Okay, okay..every girl needs them, they are a necessity, we gotta have them. I couldn't live without my bobby pins, but I could live without the problems they cause, I think they are somehow designed to be that way, like they literally run away from you so you have to buy more...Well, not anymore, not in this house!


I got this idea when my mom gave me this magnetic pin holder for sewing. I already have a pin cushion that I really like, so I thought I would use this one to hold my bobby pins. They sell this one  at Jo-Ann Fabrics for less than $5, but I also did a search on Amazon and found lots of different types, they are a little more spendy though. Really the options are endless, you could even just buy sheets of magnets at WalMart, cut it into the shape and size you want and lay it on your counter or put it in a drawer...I think I might try that for my other bathroom to put inside of my drawer, I will let you know how that works out.

Is there such thing as a bobby pin that isn't made out of metal? I don't think so, but if there is, don't get that kind. ;) These are my bobby pins of choice, and I get them at Target. They also occasionally have them at the Dollar Tree, if you're really looking for a good bargain!

Now just stick the bobby pins on the magnet. It works best if you point the top of the bobby pin towards the center of the heart, that is where the magnet is.
And there you have it! Super easy, cute and fun way to keep your bobby pins all in one, the goal is to always take them out of my hair and put them in their new home right away. What ways have you found to store your bobby pins? If you come up with another magnet idea, I would love to see it!

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