11 ways to enjoy 'those kind of days'

I'm sure hoping I'm not alone when I say I have those days where I just do NOT want to get out of bed, not even a little bit; even more so, on those days, I feel that me getting out of bed should be enough of an accomplishment for the day. Sometimes, I wake up chipper and singing the day's praises, but then both boys are teething and cranky and C, my one year old, is learning new ways to try to get what he wants, or is just extra busy, or he is craving more attention than usual. Maybe the kids are having a perfect day, but I spill my coffee, or drop breakfast on the floor, or even worse, I find that we are out of diet coke. Perhaps I realize I forgot to move the laundry to the washer AGAIN, and now I have to re-wash the now smelly load...leaving me without clean underwear for at least another hour, not that I was planning to get dressed anytime soon anyways. Whatever the reason, we all (or is it just me?) have 'off days', to me, these are the hardest days to get through, let alone enjoy. I have been trying to come up with ways to enjoy these days, and as I said in the previous post, do more than simply anticipate their end. I cannot go back to bed, I cannot change my children's moods or stop them from teething or not feeling their best, and I cannot rewind the clock and stop that coffee from spilling, remind myself to move the laundry or stop the last sip of diet coke from being swallowed. What I can do is work on my mood, and make the conscious choice to enjoy the day, I can re-start the laundry and set an alarm on my phone to remind me to move it next time (just make sure not to let C run away with my phone and lose it), I can pour a new cup of coffee, I can be a good example to my children of not letting your mood spoil everyone's day, and I can love on them and give them the attention they desire, need and deserve. I have compiled a list of things that have helped me to feel better on 'those kind of days' and although, I can choose to act joyful and happy no matter what my mood, it is nice to help myself to feel that way, too. The next few blog entries will go into further detail for a few things on my list, complete with pictures and some DIY ideas, but for today, I'm just going to tell you a little about them. So without further blabbing, here is my list for enjoying, not just surviving 'those kind of days'.

1. Take a shower.
Some days, it truly feels like a shower just isn't possible, but really, if we are being honest, how often is that true? If you wait until your kiddos wake you up before you arise each day, is it possible to let them talk to themselves or play in their beds for an 5 extra minutes while you jump in the shower? Can you set your alarm to get up just early enough to give yourself a quick scrub and rinse? If your kids take early naps, can you take a few minutes during their nap to get clean? Even if you have other things you like to spend nap time doing, try really hard to take a quick shower, this alone can help amp my day up a lot. Plus, I find that when I take a shower, I feel a lot more motivated to get things done and actually feel like I am 'up' for the day, and I am a lot less likely to take a nap with the boys, also, my husband appreciates it. ;)  If you have a baby that you do not feel safe leaving alone in another room, bring them into the bathroom with you in a baby seat, or even in a laundry basket. I totally put my baby in a laundry basket in my shopping cart at Target today, and he loved it. :) 

2. Get Dressed
Certain days, I just do not want to wear 'real' clothes, I just want to stay in my comfy clothes all day long, but there is a difference between being comfy and frumpy. I do NOT want to be a frumpy mom, and on the days
I just stay in my jammies or some rag-a-muffin outfit, I feel the worst. My family deserves for me to at least put on something and look semi-decent and less frump-like. What I have done, is chosen 2 or 3 go-to comfy outfits that I actually feel cute in. They are REALLY casual and don't require any kind of fancy hair-do or makeup. I will show you these comfy picks in a future post, right now, they are pretty much just 3 different sweatshirts and yoga pants. I love, love, love yoga pants!! They are comfy like sweats but are actually attractive, and you can feel dressed while still being in your comfortable mom clothes. It's also nice to have one or two go-to outfits ready if you un-expectantly have to go somewhere. Most of my casual, comfortable outfits can be worn to the grocery store or to run errands, but it's nice to have a cute outfit or two always ready to go if your husband surprises you and takes you out to dinner, or your friends want to come over or really if you decide to do anything besides housework or errands.

3. Put on some 3-minute makeup.
Now, I am no expert on makeup by any means, and I do not pretend to be, but I have a few things that I try put on my face really quick every day, often times while my toddler is eating breakfast. Again, I will touch more on this in a future blog post, but here is what I put on for my 3 minute 'touch-up', if you will.
BB Cream
highlighting concealer
Seriously so quick and I feel way better when I have make-up on, even just a little. Again, my hubby probably appreciates it, too. 

4. Make your bed
Making your bed can make you room look 10 times cleaner, if it is made, you can set stuff on it with out adding to the clutter, like laundry that needs folded and put away, or you can lay your baby on the bed or have a place to sit down and put your feet up when you get a chance. 

5. Empty and load your dishwasher (or do your dishes if you don't have one)
I HATE going into my kitchen and seeing dishes everywhere, but sometimes, I feel like I have no energy to do anything about it, on those days, I have come up with a plan. I decide that every time I walk into the kitchen, I will put five dishes away from my dishwasher. I have found that once I put away a few dishes, I am in the groove and want to just finish it up, and of course, loading the dishwasher is the easy part. 

6. Do at least one load of laundry, fold it and put away.
I feel the same way about the laundry as I do with the dishes. Sometimes, folding a load of laundry can seem so daunting. (When are they going to come out with that machine to fold your laundry for you anyways?) Even more than I hate folding laundry, I hate putting it away. If I keep up with my laundry, and only do one or two loads a day, then it doesn't seem like such a huge task when it is time to fold and put it away. I have found though, that just as it is with the dishes, once I start on laundry, I tend to want to keep it going for awhile...just got to remember not to leave that last load in the washer!! Sometimes I even set the laundry on the couch, or on our bed, and fold two or three things every time I enter the room; I often do the same thing for putting the clothes away. I just put one person's pile of clothes away at a time, and before I know it, I am finished. 

7. Vacuum the main room in the house.
For me, this is the living room and hallway, which is really small as we live in a little 2 bedroom apartment. It seems like, since I have had kids, you can never tell that the place has been vacuumed, but for the 10 minutes or so that it looks nice, I think it is worth it. Plus, it leaves less for the little crawlers to put into their mouths. 

8. Give yourself something in the day to look forward to -- besides the end of it.
Maybe you just want to be able to sit for a few minutes in your freshly vacuumed living room while drinking a cup of coffee, maybe you have a favorite TV show you want to watch, or maybe you set aside some alone time with your hubby later in the day...or perhaps you have asked him to bring you home more diet coke. ;) I tend to like to spend part of nap time catching up on one of my TV shows from the night before, and if I am really tired, I fall asleep after watching it.

9. Have an ongoing project 
This can be anything from a book you are reading to a DIY project. I usually have a craft project that I am working on, and I try to do a little work on it in the evenings when the boys are in bed. I have gotten into the very bad habit of staying up too late, almost all night just to work on my projects. My husband and I are working on a deal so I can have a few hours to work on it during the week by myself, in order to quit this late night habit. 

10. Like where you live
This one is a little broader, and not something you can just complete in one day, but I am really working on making my home a place I enjoy living, and although it is small, it can still be cute and cozy. I have a lot more to do, but it is fun because it is my on-going project right now, and then of course, I have projects within that project, so I will not run out of things to do for quite awhile. The more I make my home enjoyable to be in, the better I feel.

11. Pray. Sing. Be Thankful.
If on your bad days, you only do one thing from this list, please make it this one. Ask the Lord to help you find the joy in your day, thank Him for everything he has given you, and realize that you are so blessed to be where you are and have those you love. How can your attitude not improve when you really look around at what you have, and know that there are some who would love to be in this 'terrible' day you are experiencing. Sing. It doesn't really matter what, I sing many songs with my boys, and C loves singing them back. Even if it is just the 'Sesame Street' songs with your toddler, make a little joyful noise. 

Obviously, there is much more work to be done on any given day. As mom's we have to go grocery shopping, prepare meals, clean our house, teach, love, discipline, encourage, etc. etc. etc. but I have found that on those days where every little thing seems like such an undertaking, and all I want to do is climb back in bed, doing these eleven things really helps improve my mood, also, once I get going, I usually find the energy and motivation to work on my regular to-do list. The very best is when I get stuff done before nap time. Then I can spend nap time doing fun things or resting up, so I am better prepared to face the second half of the day, and it gives me more time to play with the boys before dinner. Thanks for reading, I promise to start making my posts shorter, and I will start posting DIY and crafts soon! :) Have a wonderful day! 

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